What Does Arachnophobia Mode Do in Lethal Company?

Lethal Company Hallway
Image via Zeekerss

If you’re the type of person who can’t stand the sight of a spider, like it will ruin your entire day and you’ll feel itchy until you fall asleep, then know that, first and foremost, you’re not alone. I wouldn’t say I like the sight of a spider, so I’m pretty thankful for games with arachnophobia mode. Lethal Company is one such game. But what does Arachnophobia Mode do in Lethal Company?

How Does Arachnophobia Mode Work in Lethal Company?

Included as part of Version 45 of Lethal Company, Arachnophobia Mode allows players with an overwhelming dislike or fear of eight-legged freaks to not altogether remove them but alter their models to a more suitable nature. Instead of a spider, you’ll instead see a piece of text, making the spider enemy less visual and more blatant.

When you encounter the spider enemy, it will appear as the word “Spider” in red text and with fangs below the “D.” When it spots the player, the entire word starts hopping forward. Overall, the change is a little goofy but certainly a welcome one.

The reason why I avoided Lethal Company for so long wasn’t because of the overall horror theme, as I don’t mind a scary game, but because of its spiders. I couldn’t even enjoy Grounded, despite loving the survival crafting genre overall. An Arachnophobia Mode finally allowed me to waste time gathering scrap for a mysterious company in my spare time!

How to Turn on Arachnophobia Mode in Lethal Company

To activate this much-appreciated accessibility feature, navigate through the following steps:

  • Settings Menu: From the game’s main menu, navigate to Settings.
  • Accessibility: Within the Settings Menu, check Accessibility in the bottom right.
  • Arachnophobia Mode: You’ll note the new accessibility mode in the menu, with the only option in the category being “Arachnophobia Mode.” Check the box.

Once you check the box, your settings will save and, the next time you load into a planet for some scrap, all spiders will magically appear as red text instead!

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