Skull And Bones – How To Kill Water Enemies Guide

In Skull and Bones, you’ll encounter many enemies throughout your voyages. Some of the most fierce enemies are below the surface of the water. This is the perfect time to practice your spearing skills. Here’s the guide on how to kill water enemies in Skull and Bones.

At first, it may feel as if you’re defenseless, especially in the beginning with no cannons on your ship. However, the spear is a great weapon you can utilize early in the game.

Keep in mind that Skull And Bones is still in beta so methods may be tweaked a bit once it officially releases.

How To Use The Spear

You may have noticed a prompt that tells you to use the spear to kill whatever is attacking your boat. This is a bit vague as you’re busy steering the ship ensuring you don’t hit land.

When there are infested waters, such as with sharks or crocodiles, it’s almost inevitable your ship will get attacked. This is especially true when you have a small ship or boat.

A prompt won’t automatically pop up telling you to kill the creatures or how to kill them. Instead, you will have to right-click and hold the spear steady to stab the shark. Simultaneously, you will have to make sure the ship isn’t going too fast or that you’re about to hit land.

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Shark Drops

When you successfully use the spear and kill sharks, you will notice a pool of blood in the water. In this pool of blood will also be pieces of the shark including Shark Skin and Shark Meat.

Shark Skin can be refined into shark leather, becoming a very useful material. When it comes to Shark Meat, if you eat it as is you will gain 20% stamina. However, if you cook it first then your stamina will increase by 40%.

Crocodile Drops

Crocodiles won’t do as much damage as sharks and they seem a little easier to evade. However, they do drop some useful materials when you kill them.

Crocodile Meat should give you a 35% increase in stamina. The crocodile skin can be refined into sturdy leather. You can also use the crocodile teeth in crafting as well.

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