How to Board Ships in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones Boarding
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Your enemy will provide you with no quarter, so why should you offer them anything but the same? In Skull and Bones, not only can you sink enemy merchant ships and steal their loot, but you can deal enough damage to board ships and score additional resources and Silver for your troubles. It’s an act of piracy worth every penny!

How to Board Enemy Ships in Skull and Bones

If the simple act of plundering settlements isn’t enough for you, then Skull and Bones allows you to board enemy ships to steal everything from their cargo, plus a bonus. Sure, you could sink the enemy vessel and steal their loot, but the bonus item you receive for boarding is often well worth the trouble.

To board an enemy ship in Skull and Bones, you must first whittle the enemy’s health down low enough, usually to about 1/3 of their total health bar, as seen in the screenshot above, and then pull alongside. The enemy will, of course, continue sailing away from you or into an attack pattern. You must navigate the treacherous waters close to your prey, then tap ‘Y’ on your controller to initiate a crew boarding.

Your crew will let loose with a handful of grappling hooks to help close the gap. If you’re close enough, the hooks will connect, and the crew will pull the enemy ship to your side. If not, you’ll have to close the distance by steering up to the vessel and try again.

Once you do connect, the game cuts to a quick cutscene in which your crew pull the ship close and then the enemy vessel explodes. It’s rather anti-climactic, but you will still receive your loot in the end!

Is It Worth It To Board Enemy Ships in Skull and Bones?

While the cutscene playing each time does grow old, and you typically want to finish a naval battle quickly and move on from the area, it does pay to board enemy ships. The bonus loot you receive is typically well worth the trouble.

That said, if you’re dealing with a group of enemy ships, time is of the essence. In such cases, I do recommend sinking a vessel completely and shifting your attention to the next target.

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