How to Customize Your Crew in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones Pirate Crew
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

In an effort to monetize much of the game, Skull and Bones allows you to customize everything about your pirate vessel down to the garb of your crew. If you have the coin to spend, sometimes that means real money, you can have a crew of fearsomely dressed pirates. Here is how to customize your crew in Skull and Bones!

How to Customize the Crew in Skull and Bones

To some extent, you can customize your crew in Skull and Bones by visiting the Ship Customization menu when you’re docked at a harbor. For instance, at Sainte-Anne, walk down the dock to your ship and hit ‘Y’ on the controller. You’ll access a new menu in which you can fast-travel, sail, repair, and customize the ship and its crew.

Head into the customization menu and scroll until you see the crew customization tab. It’s called “Crew Look.”

Sadly, you can’t get too in-depth when customizing your crew. You can change their clothing, and that’s all. It includes different garbs, belts, and jewelry, most of which appear to be nothing more than rags. And yes, some of these cost real money via premium currency in the game.

Where to Get New Crew Customization Skins

You will unlock additional crew customization skins through the following means:

  • As rewards for completing quests and investigations in the game.
  • As loot when plundering settlements and boarding ships.
  • By purchasing cosmetics via the in-game shop.

Whether you spend money on the in-game cosmetics store is entirely up to you. Many folks want to tell you how to spend your money and live your life, but at the end of the day, if you like to buy cosmetics for a game you’re enjoying, no one should or can stop you.

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