Does Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Have Multiplayer? – Answered

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Bug Horde
Image via Funday Games

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, a top-down auto-shooter in the same style as Vampire Survivors or Brotato, is an incremental roguelike meant to bridge the gap between Deep Rock Galactic and the next mainline entry, seemingly Rogue Core, for rabid fans. But everyone who was a massive fan of the cooperative shooter wants to know about multiplayer. Does Deep Rock Galactic Survivor have multiplayer or co-op?

Can You Play Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Multiplayer?

On release, you cannot play Deep Rock Galactic Survivor in multiplayer mode. It is a single-player-only auto-shooter in which you take on the role of an iconic Dwarf as they mine the occasional node of gold, collect resources, and mow down hordes of bugs. As you take down enemies, they drop experience points that help you level up. Eventually, you can select an upgrade that alters your health, armor, damage, critical hit chance, critical hit damage, or unlocks additional weapons.

I can definitely see the appeal of a multiplayer mode. While playing solo, I’ve found myself quickly overwhelmed by hordes of bugs as they close in on my position. With the stone walls closing in, my Dwarf succumbed to the endless onslaught of critters. A partner could help alleviate some of the danger in the early game.

Will Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Receive a Co-op Mode?

Players have eagerly awaited a response regarding a cooperative game mode in Deep Rock Galactic, but the studio, speaking in Discord, said:

The focus right now is on creating a single-player experience, with you battling endless hordes of alien monsters all by yourself, like a badass space dwarf. On the positive side, at least you don’t have to share your precious bismor at the end of a run.

I want to highlight a portion of this quote. Specifically, “the focus right now,” as this statement and phrasing indicate that it’s entirely possible we will receive a cooperative mode in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor sometime in the future. It’s not a guarantee, of course. But hey, a little copium can go a long way, right?

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