How to Unlock All Classes in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Scout Class
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Like its first-person shooter counterpart that took the world by storm, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor features a selection of four unique classes: Scout, Gunner, Engineer, and Driller. In the beginning, you’ll only have access to the Scout. They’re an agile, fast-moving unit capable of dipping in and out of mobs relatively easily. But it becomes stale. You want to play as a Gunner or Engineer, right? Here is how to unlock all classes in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor!

How to Unlock Each Class in DRG Survivor

To unlock all of the classes in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, you must progress through the game by completing and either beating levels or failing, either of which offers experience points that help increase your player level. Your player level is what matters most when unlocking additional classes. As your class level will influence each respective class’s overall strength and abilities, your player level allows you to unlock greater mechanics, like the other three classes in the game.

  • Gunner: Player Rank 3
  • Engineer: Player Rank 5
  • Driller: Player Rank 7

Now, Player Rank 3 doesn’t sound too harsh, right? It will take some time and plenty of grind to unlock that player level. After about 90 minutes, I hit Player Rank 3 and unlocked the Gunner, which was a massive boon against the hordes of bugs.

Will We See Other Classes in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor?

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we’ll see any additional classes added to the game. The original game only featured the same four classes for its entire lifespan, though the game’s universe is expanding with Survivor and the upcoming Rogue Core. There’s always room for new Dwarves!

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