How to Steal Ships in Starfield

Starfield Freestar Collective Starship
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You’ll likely use the starter ship, The Frontier, in Starfield for quite some time. Buying a new ship is expensive, and most of us have a pittance to our name in the Settled Systems. But what about stealing ships in Starfield? If you want to live the pirate lifestyle and commandeer a ship without paying a dime, we’ve got you covered!

How to Steal Starships in Starfield

To steal ships in Starfield, you must first disable the ship in combat if you bump into one in space or clear the crew and nestle down in the captain’s chair if you stumble upon one on the ground. That’s all a lot easier said than done, though. If the spaceship in question is above your level, your weaponry might not be strong enough to disable its systems. In such cases, EM Weaponry can help shut down their engines. Then, you must board by moving to within 500m. Once onboard, clear out the ship and sit in the captain’s chair to claim it as your own.

On the ground, it’s the same approach. But thankfully, you won’t have to disable the engine. Just walk up the ramp in the cargo hold, board the ship, and clear it of any individuals who would see you thrown on your backside. I typically use a submachine gun or shotgun, as both prove well-suited to close-quarters battles.

How to Claim a Ship in Starfield

Once you have successfully taken over a spaceship in Starfield, you must claim and register it to fly or customize the ship; otherwise, you risk a run-in with the law as the stolen ship is listed as contraband. The problem is that claiming a vessel can become expensive, especially if you intend to sell the ship down the road. It takes a good chunk of credits.

You can claim a ship by flying it to a Ship Services Technician—found near any major settlement—and registering for a tidy sum. Alternatively, if you sit in the pilot’s seat, you can register the ship as your home ship. You will access the pause menu, select the ship menu, and then choose “make home ship.” This option adds it to your fleet.

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