Skull And Bones – Dressed To Kill Quest Guide

In the Dressed To Kill quest, you need to refine your image. Judgment is being thrown at you from all angles. Here’s a guide on the Dressed to Kill Quest in Skull and Bones.

To increase your reputation around Sainte-Anne, you must not only act like a pirate, but you need to look the part.

As your status in the community increases, so must your image. After completing a few missions, it’s time to update your wardrobe.

The Vanity Atelier Location

You will receive the Dressed To Kill contract from the Blacksmith. From here, you need to head over to the Vanity Atelier. Go back over the bridge heading towards Scurlock’s quarters.

Before reaching his building, veer to your left and head up the stairs to the building labeled Vanity Atelier. Inside you will find Florentine d’Alesso who can hook you up with some new threads.

Updating Your Look

When you interact with Florentine, you can choose to change your physical appearance or purchase clothing. For this quest, you must purchase new clothes.

Be sure to keep an eye on your money because the cost of everything adds up quickly. When you choose to purchase a set of clothing, you will have to purchase each piece of this set individually.

This will give you the chance to only purchase the major items. All you really need to do is add a better shirt and a hat to complete the Dressed To Kill quest.


After you update your look, head back to the blacksmith and turn the Dressed To Kill contract in. You will receive 120 Silver, a Maurine ship cosmetic to help guide your journey, and a cutter ship blueprint. Your reputation will also increase.

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