Skull And Bones – Unwelcomed Aboard Quest Guide

The Unwelcomed Aboard quest will require risks to be taken. However, these risks will be well worth the danger you are about to encounter. Here’s a guide on the Unwelcomed Aboard Quest in Skull and Bones.

This quest involves boarding enemy ships and retrieving various materials for the Blacksmith. While it’s pretty straightforward, that doesn’t mean it’s any less dangerous.

The rewards you’ll receive makes this short, perilous journey worth while. Keep in mind, you will have to keep an eye on your health throughout this quest.

Travel To Giant’s Leap Region

You’ll notice the mission marker at the top of your screen shows you must travel at least 2,200 meters northeast from Sainte-Anne. As you’re sailing, don’t forget to pick up any floating loot in the sea as it may be useful later.

Unwelcomed Aboard

To complete this mission, you need to acquire 3 cogwheels. There is an optional item that you can try to find which is 1 culverin. You have the option to either just kill the ships and loot them or actually board them.

You will see the ships floating around and once you initiate contact, they will start attacking you. It is best to just pull up right next to them and use your interaction button to send ropes over. This will allow your crew to board their ship and loot them.

Unfortunately, this will all be a cut scene and you can’t actually explore the enemy’s ship. Most likely you won’t find the optional item aboard the first ship you board.

However, you will receive all 3 cogwheels from just the first ship you board. The loot will pop up on your screen and you can take what you wish. Now, you have to make an important decision.

It’s up to you whether you want to attempt to board another ship or head back to turn the quest in. Keep in mind that any other ships in the area are most likely going to attack you now.

If you decide you want to loot another ship, completely take down the first ship you boarded then focus on the next ship. Since this mission is still a little early on, the health of your ship may be dangerously low at this point.

If your ship gets destroyed, you can choose to respawn on shore or at sea. You will have to redo the mission if you die.

Report To Blacksmith

After you receive all the requested items for the Unwelcomed Aboard quest, head back to the Blacksmith. You will receive silver as well as some blueprints to upgrade your ship. Your reputation will also increase in the community.

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