How to Heal in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Red Sugar
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

No one in their right mind would dive deep below the crust of an alien planet to mine resources and face off against a neverending horde of bugs. Well, these Dwarves do just that, and they don’t even bring along a medkit. Here is how to heal in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor!

How to Heal Yourself in DRG Survivor

To heal yourself in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, you must find Red Sugar, a unique resource that occasionally spawns around the game world. In the early levels, it’s possible to see two or three crystals, usually spread out in the rock walls on the map.

That said, at later levels, the number of Red Sugar that spawns begins to dwindle. I finished up a round earlier, and only one spawned, so you can imagine the amount of trouble I had in dealing with the elite monster at the end with about 34 health points remaining.

I find myself holding off on consuming Red Sugar until I’m so low that I cannot complete the round without the additional health or when the boss spawns and I need the boost. Otherwise, I can typically kite the standard enemies and keep whittling away at the horde without losing too much health.

Where to Find Red Sugar in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor

You can find Red Sugar, the means to heal yourself, in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor. They spawn within the stone that forms corridors and chokepoints in each arena, and you’ll note the red crystalline appearance like a beacon.

Once you find one, run up and immediately start mining. Despite its name, Red Sugar is quite challenging to break through and can take multiple swings from your auto-pickaxe before you actually heal yourself. In that time, it’s common for bugs to swarm and surround you.

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