Where to Find Bandari in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones Bandari Settlement
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

The world of Skull and Bones is filled with various settlements and points of interest, many of which you may visit to plunder them for all they’re worth. When tracking down the Bandari location in Skull and Bones, for example, keep in mind that the seas surrounding the Coast of Africa prove treacherous indeed. Don’t let a buccaneer sneak up on you!

How to Find Bandari in Skull and Bones

To find Bandari in Skull and Bones, travel northwest from Sainte-Anne to the Coast of Africa, pass by the the Islands of the Moon, and then directly west of Poachers’ Cache, which is the lighthouse-like icon. Bandari is a small settlement, part of the Confederation of Ungwana, and you can trade or plunder the settlement if you don’t feel like keeping the peace.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the usual settlements in Skull and Bones and, as such, you cannot leave your ship. You can pull up alongside the dock, and then select to either interact with the settlement via trade or plunder them for Silver and resources.

I do recommend you trade with them frequently, however. The Coast of Africa is rich in resources and commodities, which you’ll want to accumulate to sell for Silver. Bandari, specifically, will sell Casting Sand, Snuff, and Nickel Ingots.

What You’ll Find at Bandari in Skull and Bones

There’s plenty of ship-to-ship combat in and around Bandari, if you intend to play a chaotic style and simply wish to board every ship and plunder every town in the game. I won’t judge you!

But if you want to make additional Silver to help you progress up the ladder, then Bandari sells:

  • Casting Sand
  • Fine Relic (Ungwana)
  • Fine Sisal
  • Nickel Ingot
  • Snuff

They will also purchase resources and commodities from you, if you have extra that you want to unload. However, when selling items in Skull and Bones, be sure to check the arrow icon beside the item. If it’s red and pointing down, do not sell. You can find a port with a better price down the line!

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