When is Hi-Fi Rush Coming to PlayStation 5?

Hi-Fi Rush Lava Level
Image via Tango Gameworks

It’s utterly and genuinely disappointing that not everyone managed to experience the magic of Hi-Fi Rush upon release. It was such a surprise and rightfully sits at overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, so it only makes sense that other consoles want this game. So, when is Hi-Fi Rush coming to PS5?

When is Hi-Fi Rush Coming to PS5?

As part of the Xbox Business Update podcast featuring Phil Spencer, Hi-Fi Rush coming to PS5 was just one of the four titles leaked. It’s now confirmed that Hi-Fi Rush will launch on PlayStation 5 on March 19. Bethesda was too excited about the prospect of hitting other consoles, they announced the upcoming release themselves without waiting for either console manufacturer.

The others, including Grounded, Pentiment, and Sea of Thieves, will drip out to other consoles throughout the spring and summer of this year.

As Hi-Fi Rush quickly became an overnight success following its shadow drop, it makes sense that Xbox would want to hit every console and market with this hit to kickstart their fewer-exclusive titles ruling.

What is Hi-Fi Rush?

Hi-Fi Rush is an upbeat action-adventure game in which music dominates the flow of everything from movement to combat. The main character, Chai, gathers a team of rebels against a robotics megacorporation and uses rhythm-based combat to topple foes while looking good in the process.

It never feels frustrating or overly challenging. You sit down with a controller in hand or on the Steam Deck, and soon you’ll play Hi-Fi Rush on PS5, and steadily topple waves of enemies using an electric guitar.

Hi-Fi Rush harkens back to the old-school days of gaming when fun trumped just about anything and everything!

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