When is Pentiment Coming to PlayStation 5?

Pentiment Boat Scene
Image via Obsidian Entertainment

It seems the time of console exclusives is ending, with Xbox leading the charge. The industry giant announced four titles to be released outside the Xbox ecosystem: Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, Grounded, and Sea of Thieves. So, when is Pentiment coming to PlayStation 5?

When Will Pentiment Release on PlayStation 5?

Pentiment is coming to PlayStation 5 on February 22! The podcast, the Xbox Business Update with Phil Spencer, revealed the four games and that console-exclusive games would be a thing of the past in five to ten years.

Previously, Pentiment was listed as one of the first of the four titles to hit PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. It’s nice to finally have a release date for the story-driven experience, so console owners can enjoy the medieval times from the comfort of the couch!

What is Pentiment?

Before anything else, the first thing new players will notice about Pentiment is its unique art style. It’s an illustrated game world inspired by medieval manuscripts and printed works of the time.

But more so, the gameplay proves captivating. With different backgrounds to select from, you must solve mysteries while navigating a changing world and a cast of characters who have their interests in mind.

It’s a fun, short game in which your choices influence the story.

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