When is Sea of Thieves Coming to PlayStation 5?

Sea of Thieves Ghost Pirates PS5 FAQ
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In a recent announcement during the Xbox Business Update podcast, Xbox’s Phil Spencer officially confirmed that four previously exclusive titles were making their way cross-platform. While two of those titles, including Pentiment and Hi-Fi Rush, will be released sooner, Sea of Thieves is coming to PlayStation 5 and potentially the Nintendo Switch at a later date.

When Is Sea of Thieves Coming to PlayStation 5?

As of right now, Sea of Thieves is coming to PlayStation 5 on April 30. And as to additional exclusive titles coming to competitor consoles, Spencer said:

I do have a fundamental belief that over the next five or ten years exclusive games, games that are exclusive to one piece of hardware, are going to be a smaller and smaller part of the game industry.

Phil Spencer

It’s an exciting time for everyone on PlayStation consoles as they finally get a chance to experience the High Seas in Sea of Thieves. But if the thought of PvP against cutthroat pirates proves too exhausting, there is always Safer Seas to gain some experience!

What is Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves is a first-person action-adventure game. You play as a pirate captain, alongside a few other players, as you operate your ship, dig up treasure, complete quests for whacky characters, and even take part in themed stories, like Pirates of the Caribbean.

Recently, Sea of Thieves introduced Safer Seas, which allows new players to gain a foothold in their tough-as-nails game world by playing in a PvE environment. You can still earn gold, albeit less than usual, and learn the mechanics before hopping into the PvP world.

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