When is Grounded Coming to PlayStation 5?

Grounded Bug
Image via Obsidian Entertainment

It’s a crying shame when a generation of consoles can’t play some of the hottest releases, such as Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, and Grounded. But that’s all about to change, right, Xbox? So, when exactly is Grounded coming to PlayStation 5?

When is Grounded Coming to PS5?

Grounded is officially coming to PlayStation 5 on April 16. It’s one of the four titles, alongside Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, and Sea of Thieves, coming to other consoles as part of the initiative to move away from console-exclusive titles at Xbox. It is said that all four will hit PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch at some point this year, but when?

It’s a win for everyone when video games stop releasing as exclusives and launch on as many systems as imaginable. I hope everyone on PS5, PS4, and even on the Nintendo Switch enjoys Grounded as much as we all did on PC!

What is Grounded?

In the vast open world of someone’s backyard, a handful of children find themselves shrunk to the size of a common bug. Every creature becomes harrowing and deadly in an environment that was once idyllic to explore. You play as one of these children, and your goal is to survive.

Grounded coming to PS5 means more players can experience the terror of the Broodmother, the haunting battle with a Wolf Spider, or the ability to build a base over the koi pond. You can team up with other players to hunt, loot, and craft while uncovering the mysteries behind the technology that shrunk you and your pals.

Just be wary of the tall grass. Whatever is pushing the blades aside isn’t likely a friend!

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