When is the Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date?

nintendo switch 2

The Nintendo Switch 2 might be one of the most anticipated video game consoles of all time, but when is its release date?

The successor to the Nintendo Switch has been long-rumored for years now, but Nintendo has remained hush on it. Despite all signs pointing to it coming relatively soon, the company remains focused on the current console that has sold nearly 138 million units as of publishing.

When Is The Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date?

As of now, we have no confirmed release date for the Nintendo Switch 2. There have been a lot of reports and rumors that the system is coming in the first quarter of 2025.

The latest rumors are that the system will be revealed in June 2024. Insider Gaming has yet to independently confirm the rumors.

Nintendo Switch 2 Features

Despite the fact that nothing about the new console has been announced, there are plenty of rumors about what some of the features of the console will be.

Those rumored features include:

It’s also been talked about, in a sense, by Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser when talking about Nintendo accounts and making it easier for players to transition between devices.

“Our goal is to minimize the dip you typically see in the last year of one cycle and the beginning of another,” he said. “I can’t speak to the possible features of a new platform, but the Nintendo Account is a strong basis for having that communication as we make the transition.”

Insider Gaming will continue to provide the latest updates on the next Nintendo console, whatever they decide to call it, as it becomes available.