Doug Bowser Seemingly Hints At Nintendo Switch 2 Coming In 2024

Nintendo Switch 2 2024

Is the Nintendo Switch 2 coming in 2024? No one knows for sure, but it sure feels like that after Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser’s interview with Inverse.

Bowser wouldn’t specifically talk about the next Nintendo Switch console, or whatever it will be called. However, he did seem to allude it to coming sometime next year when talking about the “last year of one cycle”.

“Well, first I can’t comment β€” or I won’t comment, I should say β€” on the rumors that are out there,” he said. “But one thing we’ve done with the Switch to help with that communication and transition is the formation of the Nintendo Account. In the past, every device we transitioned to had a whole new account system. Creating the Nintendo Account will allow us to communicate with our players if and when we make a transition to a new platform, to help ease that process or transition.”

He continued: “Our goal is to minimize the dip you typically see in the last year of one cycle and the beginning of another. I can’t speak to the possible features of a new platform, but the Nintendo Account is a strong basis for having that communication as we make the transition.”

Based on his statements, Nintendo is prepping for the launch of its next main console. In addition to mentioning the “last year” of a console cycle, Bowser talking about Nintendo Accounts and the transition to a new console could lead to assumptions about possible backward compatibility between the original Switch and the next system.

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