Nintendo More Focused On Games Than Hardware Features, Bowser Says

Nintendo Games

The successor to the Nintendo Switch is coming. Everyone knows that. And while many are focused on what the next Nintendo console will offer, Nintendo doesn’t seem to be a company that places that above its games.

In an interview with Inverse, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser says the company is more focused on the experiences and games with their consoles than the hardware inside.

“We’ve always said at Nintendo: What’s most important to us is not so much what’s inside the machine or the device, but what happens on the screen when you put your hands on the controllers and you start engaging in the gameplay experience,” he said. “Does it draw you in? Is it immersive? To that point, you can use a variety of different art styles, some with higher fidelity, some with perhaps a different, more cartoonish-type style.”

Bowser added that the different art styles of games on the Nintendo Switch seem to have helped make the console stand out against those with more powerful hardware.

“I do think that’s what separates us quite a bit, outside of the obvious visual differentiation with the Nintendo Switch’s form factor, and helped us to lengthen that longevity,” he said.

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