Nintendo Partners Testing Switch 2 Backwards Compatibility, Report Claims

switch 2

Nintendo fans worldwide are sitting on the edges of their seats waiting eagerly for tidbits of news about the ‘Switch 2’, the assumed next generation of Nintendo’s flagship console. Despite being one of the most talked about pieces of hardware in the business at the moment, very little is known about the console – aside from any information gleaned from leaks that are few and far between.

Recently, a claim surfaced that Nintendo’s partners are actively testing backwards compatibility on the Switch 2 (not the confirmed name).

Backwards is Best

One of the most sought-after attributes of the next generation of any console is backwards compatibility. It’s the perfect way for most players to hit the ground running with a new console, pulling across games from the previous generation seamlessly and ensuring they can keep playing what they have been without any compromises.

Recently, a claim made by noted insider NateTheHate on ResetEra suggests Nintendo’s partners are testing backwards compatibility on the Switch 2 now. This topic came up following the publishing of a rumour talking about digital and physical backwards compatibility on the next Switch console.

What isn’t known, Nate said, is the ‘extent any such enhancements may provide’. It’s not yet known whether running a Switch game on the Switch 2 will offer any technical or graphic upgrades.

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