Dead by Daylight Delays New Event Until March

Dead By Daylight Layoffs

According to a new post on Twitter, the anticipated new Dead by Daylight event planned to release by the end of February is now delayed until March.

The post does not explain why the devs delayed this event. It simply cites that “as a live game, changes in our release schedule are bound to happen”.

However, this is a relatively short delay, so the event probably just needs some light polishing.

Further, the developers say they will “be able to share more with you soon”, and they even shared promotional artwork.

The new event does not currently have an official title, description, or concrete release date.

Dead by Daylight most recently made waves with a highly requested Alan Wake crossover. The collaboration released last month, featuring unique perks with excellent fan service.

Most fans praised the perks, which notably included a signature flashlight for Champion of Light.

Dead by Daylight also released a new Gold Edition last month, which features comprehensive DLC packs of all the original chapters. It was a streamlined and effective push for new players to join, so many years after launch.

Today’s updated Dead by Daylight roadmap also reminds players there will be a new killer and survivor for March’s big update.

So, fans are quickly speculating about what today’s new promo could mean. The bird and blood moon could both refer to a lot of familiar horror iconography. It also features reversed gravity, with blood rising from the skulls.

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive recently faced layoffs that reportedly affected 45 employees. This may have delayed the new event. However, Dead by Daylight continues to expand with a very healthy roadmap.

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