EXCLUSIVE: iRacing Will Release Career Mode In Steps

iRacing Career Mode

When iRacing finally releases it’s highly anticipated career mode, it’s not going to be released in one large update.

In an interview with Insider Gaming, iRacing president Tony Gardner spoke about the career mode coming to iRacing.

Gardner said that the team has worked tireless on AI performance in order to get to a point where a career mode, or other racing activities, can work how they’d like.

“We’ve invested a lot into the AI itself, but what we haven’t really done is built a lot of good activities around the AI,” Gardner said. “We have awesome cars; awesome tracks; really good AI, but we haven’t built anything around it. So that’s sort of the next step in our evolution is, you know, building a career mode.”

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Gardner also understands how it might feel to new drivers within iRacing when the first thing you usually have to do is dive right onto a track with other real drivers. Some of whom might be far more skilled.

“It can be intimidating just jumping in a race if you’ve never done it before,” he said while adding that using AI for training and then the full career mode will help everyone get more comfortable behind the wheel.

As far as when the career mode releases, Gardner says that it’s going to be released over time with the hope to start rolling it out next year.

“I’d like to have it out next year,” he said of the mode. “I think it’s going to come in in steps. You know, there’s some very early steps of it that will come out this year.

“We’re going to have a dedicated homepage with AI with more options and making things easier which will be a quick button and private racing where you can just go and race AI. And that’s going to lead to a traditional sort of career mode. From there evolve to other plans we have to take it even further than sort of a traditional career mode.

“I would hope that what I’m calling a traditional career mode is going to release sometime next year in 2025. But, I’m not promising that for sure. You know how software development is.”

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