EXCLUSIVE – Call of Duty to Embrace Open World Campaigns in Black Ops Gulf War and Beyond

black ops

This year, Call of Duty is set to embrace an open-world campaign in Black Ops Gulf War, Insider Gaming has learned.

It won’t be the first time that the series has seen an open-world eqsue campaign though, as the first glimpse of what such a campaign could look like was first explored with Modern Warfare 3 and its ‘Open World Missions’. However, sources explained that unlike Modern Warfare 3, Gulf War’s campaign has been built from the ground up, rather than using assets from previous entries.

Currently, the game’s open world will see the player and their squad navigate the map more akin to that of Far Cry than anything we’ve seen before in the Call of Duty universe. Players will be able to utilize vehicles to get around, as well as using a fast travel system to get from one point to the next. Although the scope of how many linear missions there will be remains to be seen, sources confirmed that some linear missions will be integrated into the game.

The campaign, developed by Raven Software (multiplayer and zombies to be handled by Treyarch Games), will see the return of some Black Ops characters including Adler, who will be a part of your team.

Outside of Black Ops Gulf War, sources also revealed that it’s likely the series could lean into more open-world campaigns over linear moving forward. Call of Duty 2025, codenamed Saturn, which currently doesn’t have an assigned leading developer, is also pitched to have an open-world campaign, with its map being separated into several different biomes/locations. While the pitch for the game is very much in flux due to its early development (20 months until launch at the time of writing), it was said that the campaign’s shift from linear to open world is primarily based on streamlining development over anything else – But whether this changes or not by release is unclear.

Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War, currently forecasted to release in October 2024 will be the sixth entry into the Black Ops series.

What do you think about Call of Duty changing its campaigns to a more open-world experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Just make another game at this point alternate from COD just put all focus for longterm support towards Warzone.

  2. I just hope they bring back DMZ, or something similar. Was the best part of warzone. Wouldn’t mind paying for it at all.

    1. Yeah, I mean, open world would allow them to just make easy (and story-less) campaign missions – kinda like what happened to Assassin’s Creed (when it became ‘assmunching greed’).

      ‘New’ Mission #48:
      “Go here and pickup this random item. Then, bring it here”.

      Ya see, this is why bad graphics were good. Because the development studios felt that they could make any bad-looking game good if they put some effort into the story. But the sad truth is that modern generation kids (whom are the primary market) don’t give a flying puck about the story. They have had everything given to them in small, brief tidbits with no story or details. So, they typically don’t feel like listening to a story if someone starts telling them one.

      So, if you’re someone who had always liked a good story…then you are unfortunately being abandoned, as current society doesn’t care for stories – whether they’re positive or not =(.

  3. Ugh, this is awful, open world story is a cool change of pace for a mission or two,or perhaps as a stand alone mode in addition to campaign, but an ENTIRE campaign focused on that sounds boring and cookie cutter a.f. linear missions have given me things I actually still remember playing, which is pretty tough for a video game unless it’s pretty stellar. Like when yiu have to throw the knife at the guy at the end of one of the campaigns, maybe it was the original cod 4? that also took MP to a different level than we had previously seen at that point in time. Sigh, this does NOT excite me going forward.

    1. Hi Jeremy near the beginning of Cod Black Ops 1 you take out Fidel Castro with a slow mo headshot, and also in the opening sequence of Cod Black Ops 3 the magician throws a knife at his wife on a stage wheel; I don’t know if you were thinking of one of those moments?

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