Call of Duty 2024 is Black Ops: Gulf War

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A new report has revealed that the next Call of Duty Black Ops title will be set in the Gulf War.

The first rumors of a Gulf War setting first originated in 2022 following Call of Duty mobile leaks that revealed the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, a retired American attack aircraft introduced in October 1983.

Earlier this year, Insider Gaming reported that Call of Duty 2024 is under the codename Cerberus and is currently planned to be released on past-generation consoles.

The new details from WindowsCentral state that the new game will be set in the Gulf War, with a strong focus on the CIA. Although not yet officially confirmed, WindowsCentral points out that it’s likely the next game will be called “Black Ops: Gulf War”, which is the name Insider Gaming can corroborate as being dubbed the title for the next installment.

One of the major new pieces of news coming from the report is the pre-order bonuses that Activision hopes to implement with the next title. According to the report, Activision is even exploring the idea of weeks of early access to its Zombies mode. In its last two installments, the Call of Duty franchise has introduced one-week Campaign Early Access to pre-order purchases.

As reported by Twitter account CharlieINTEL, the next Call of Duty title will be the first to have a four-year development cycle.

As with all mainline Call of Duty releases, the next Black Ops title will be targeting an October/November release.

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