EXCLUSIVE: iRacing Not Planning An IndyCar Console Game Right Now

iRacing IndyCar

Iracing isn’t planning on releasing an IndyCar console game anytime soon.

In an exclusive interview with Insider Gaming, iRacing president Tony Gardner said that while the company does have plans to expand its work with IndyCar, a console game isn’t in the cards right now.

“I’m sure people are interested if we’re going to build an IndyCar console game and, I don’t think that’s in a short-term plan, but, you know, I think the door’s open,” he said. “That’s a possibility someday.”

He continued: “I know that’s what people want. And we, you know, in a perfect world, we could do that, too. But we don’t want to make the same mistake Motorsport Games did and bite off more than we can do.”

As far as what is in the plans, Gardner couldn’t get into specifics but was excited about the possibilities of what the new deal between iRacing and IndyCar will bring for fans and racers.

“I mean, we are talking about some new things that we’ve never done before,” Gardner said. “So we hope to announce something soon. We are going to take it to the next level. There’s a there’s real excitement between the two companies, partnering together that, even in the old days, we never had.”

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Motorsport Games acquired the exclusive license to IndyCar back in 2021, with the promise of a console game to release in 2023. The game ultimately saw delay after delay before development was halted indefinitely that allowed IndyCar to get out of the exclusive agreement, and re-sign a deal with iRacing.

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