Dead By Daylight Gold Edition And DLC Packs Announced

Dead By Daylight Layoffs

Dead by Daylight will release three new DLC Packs that group together original chapters, as well as a Gold Edition that includes all three. These will release on January 8th, at 11 AM EST.

According to an official blog post, original chapters from Of Flesh and Mud to Hour of the Witch will “only be available as part of our 3 new DLC Packs”.

Each DLC Pack will include four of the original Chapter DLCs, their corresponding killers and survivors, additional outfits and four exclusive items. The packs will cost $19.99 USD.

Individual characters and their cosmetics will still be available later on. The developers will also permanently reduce the price tag by half for some of the killers and survivors.

Licensed characters will remain unaffected, and new chapter DLCs are still going to be released individually. So, you won’t have to wait for the devs to work on an entire new pack for fresh content.

This is an incredibly friendly move for newcomers. Dead by Daylight regularly adds new Licensed characters, which invites whole new fandoms.

However, Dead by Daylight has been around for so long, it has accumulated an overwhelming variety of original content.

In fact, Dead by Daylight only continues to expand, without losing pace. The game recently introduced Chucky, and the devs revealed a 2024 roadmap last month. A new single-player game will also flesh out more of this universe.

There’s a lot to catch up on, and it could get very expensive without the new streamlined model. And by now, most longtime players probably own all of the existing content anyway.

Today’s announcement is a timely heads up for players to round out their collections, with first-party sales still running.

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