Dead By Daylight Reveals 2024 Updates

Chucky In Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight has just revealed a packed slate of upcoming live updates that will roll out between January and June 2024.

The updates will primarily focus on adjusting perks and improving quality of life. However, there will also be updates for killers and the Mangled status. The new schedule was announced via the official Chucky Livestream on Dead By Daylight’s official YouTube channel.

Dead By Daylight has a big day today, as it introduces the anticipated Chucky killer. Most of today’s livestream ultimately focused on the devs’ process of incorporating Chucky.

Fortunately, they saved the best for last and announced some long-awaited changes. It’s a decent amount of incoming balancing tweaks, which should definitely relieve longtime fans. However, there are still some overlooked characters that could use a tune-up.

Readjusting the Mangled status and Ultimate Weapon Decisive Strike should help even some things out, though. And it’s remarkable how much commitment the devs still provide for a game that launched so many years ago.

The frequent addition of killers like Chucky also continues to rattle the game flow in some ways. It’s important to adapt accordingly, so it’s nice to see that the devs have a plan for the entire first half of 2024.

But it is important to note that the stream adds the fine text that “dates are subject to change based on development needs”.

The devs also neatly segmented their new updates for the first half of the new year. So, it’s also likely that the second half will introduce even more content. After all, Nicolas Cage was a terrific addition last July. And Halloween is often the biggest season for Dead By Daylight.

For more on Dead By Daylight, you can also read about some of the key features coming to the game today with Chucky’s big update.