Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze Delayed

Rainbow Six Siege Deep Freeze

Rainbow Six Siege has announced with a new tweet that the anticipated Operation Deep Freeze update is officially delayed “for further testing”.

The feed did not confirm a new release date or window for Year 8 Season 4. There’s also no word on when another update will add something concrete.

Rainbow Six Siege still has a strong presence in the eSports scene. However, its frequent updates play a large role in retaining the interest of casual players. It has been difficult to legitimately shake up the meta so long after launch.

Delaying Operation Deep Freeze will surely be disappointing, but a smooth launch is always worthwhile. Unfortunately, fans will likely be waiting for a while. Since today’s update was so vague, it seems the new update may have suffered a serious issue or two.

Operation Deep Freeze was going to introduce the new operator Tubarão, and the new map Lair. It’s a decent amount of content, so it’s possible the update simply had too much to juggle.

The op’s unique Zoto canister does look like a tricky device that could cause technical hiccups. It’s a throwable object that spreads a freezing compound.

It is an interesting concept that might be worth the wait, at least. It could very well make Tubarão a viable character. That’s important as Rainbow Six continues to add great representation.

Today’s delay was a bit unexpected since Rainbow Six Siege only just released a new teaser for the upcoming map last week.

Lair appears to have a relatively straightforward interior layout, so it’d be odd if that needed fixing. But the art design does have a great theme, and there are some compelling lines of sight as revealed in the reveal panel a couple of weeks ago.

If you’re a longtime fan of Rainbow Six Siege, you can read more about all of the huge changes coming to the upcoming Deep Freeze update.