Operation Deep Freeze is Bringing Huge Changes to R6S

operation deep freeze

It has been almost ten years since Rainbow Six Siege was released, and Ubisoft is still keeping it pumped full of content. It’s a beautiful thing to see, and the staying power of the game is a testament to Ubisoft’s tenacity. Recently, the firm debuted a walkthrough of all the new content and changes coming on November 28 as part of Operation Deep Freeze, including a new map, Operator, and countless changes.

What’s Coming in Operation Deep Freeze?

On November 28, a whole host of new content is being poured into the Rainbow Six Siege ecosystem.

There’s a new 2-2 Operator named Tubarão, a Portuguese powerhouse with one of the most overpowered defensive abilities in the game. His Zoto Canister can freeze surfaces, disabling almost all gadgets and revealing the footsteps of enemies for up to 40 seconds (if all canisters are used), presenting a huge issue for the attacking team.

There’s also a brand-new map named Lair – an underground base hidden in a cave that boasts four bomb sites, plenty of tight spots, and a nightmare for Defenders. Even those that are making use of Tubarão and his super new abilities.

With Operation Deep Freeze, Ubisoft is also introducing a peer-to-peer marketplace that players can use to trade unwanted cosmetics for in-game credits. Not only that but improvements are being made to controllers, including remapping elements. Changes are coming in terms of onboarding, player protection, and balancing, meaning that the game is being made much more welcoming to newcomers, something that has long been an issue for Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft is moving mountains with Operation Deep Freeze – players will be able to get involved with the new update from November 28.

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