Unlock a Free Escape From Tarkov Gift Now

escape from tarkov gift

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Battlestate Games has offered up a free gift in Escape from Tarkov. It’s a limited-time offer so you’ll need to act fast, though. It’s a testament to Battlestate Games’ generosity – every few months, the developer offers gifts in Tarkov for some event or another, and sometimes, those bundles can be quite tasty.

Here’s how to unlock your Escape from Tarkov gift to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Free is Free

To secure your gift in Escape from Tarkov, you’ll need to log into your account on escapefromtarkov.com and navigate to your profile. From there, scroll down and identify the image of a submachine gun with a paperclip overlay. Once you’ve clicked on this, you’ll see a pop-up stressing that you’ve redeemed your gift.

Now you’ll need to log into Escape from Tarkov before the gift expires to collect what’s waiting for you:

  • Vector .45 SMG
  • 3 x 30-rd Magazines
  • 90 x Lasermatch FMJ Ammo
  • 1 x AFAK
  • 1 x Tar Cola
  • 1 x Vita Water
  • 1 x Hot Rod
  • 4 x Buckwheat

Admittedly, it’s a fairly ‘weak’ offering as a gift – but free is free, right? If nothing else, the Vector will make for a dominating weapon the next time you want to loop Factory. Remember: if you see Tagilla, aim for the legs.

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