Starfield Ryujin Industries Questline: All Missions & Rewards

The Ryujin Industries questline in Starfield is the most satisfying story arc to play if you’re a big fan of stealth. Every mission either involves you digipicking master locks to steal some legendary loot or pickpocketing your next victim.

The entire Ryujin Industries faction is straight-up an evil conglomerate that will ask you to do their bidding, kind of like a lesser evil version of Arasaka from Cyberpunk. Most of the missions within the Ryujin Industries questline will play out on-world, so you won’t be seeing much of outer space during them. Still, it’s one of the most fun plot threads you can follow in Starfield, and here’s how you jump right into it.

Starfield Ryujin Industries Questline

Activating the Ryujin Industries questline in Starfield is pretty simple, just send an application for an interview and hope you land the job. You can apply for a job at the company by locating a nearby kiosk. There’s one in New Atlantis in Jemison which you can find very early in the game. Just head over to it and follow the steps on the screen. This will mark the beginning of the questline and after the appropriate prompts, you’ll be asked to visit Ryujin’s headquarters. And if it wasn’t obvious already, stealth traits are really going to help.

starfield neon city in the Ryujin Industries questline
Neon, Volii System

Below you’ll find all 13 missions included in the Ryujin Industries questline, along with what rewards you receive and a brief insight on what they entail.

  • Mission 1: Back to the Grind – 250 XP, 4000 Credits

You’ll submit an interview application at a Ryujin Industries kiosk. After passing the interview at the headquarters in Neon, you’ll meet your co-workers.

  • Mission 2: One Step Ahead – 100 XP, 1000 Credits

Imogene sends you on your first mission, though uploading malware at CeltCorp is easier said than done.

  • Mission 3: A New Narrative – 110 XP, 2500 Credits

Framing Laredo Firearms is next on the company hit list. You travel to Akila City to plant false evidence, but be sure to carry some digipicks.

  • Mission 4: Access is Key – 100 XP, 2500 Credits

Unlike the Crimson Fleet questline in Starfield where you go in guns blazing, the Access is Key mission for Ryujin has you persuading and sneaking inside HopeTech to snatch a Security Keycard.

  • Mission 5: Sowing Discord – 250 XP, 10,000 Credits

As the name implies, you’ll literally have to sow discord in this one. A major deal is about to go through, but you won’t let that happen, no matter who you have to influence or whose presentation you have to sabotage.

  • Mission 6: Accidents Happen – 100 XP, 2500 Credits

Mission 6 in the Ryujin Industries questline in Starfield has you return to HopeTech. This time you’re planting a device rather than stealing something – which is worse.

  • Mission 7: Maintaining the Edge – 100 XP, 2500 Credits

Another day, another heist. Travel to the Trident Luxury Lines Staryard in the Cheyenne system and purloin an important schematic for Ryujin.

  • Mission 8 Top Secrets – 250 XP, 10,000 Credits

You’ve finally proven your worth to Ryujin Industries. Now it’s time to meet with their CEO, Ularu Chen.

  • Mission 9 Background Checks – 250 XP, 9000 Credits

Ryujin Industries is suspicious about the faculty. They’re convinced there’s a mole in their midst. It’s your job to smoke out whoever it is.

  • Mission 10: Guilty Parties – 250 XP, 4800 Credits

You know who the mole is. A heated confrontation awaits and depending on what you choose to do, things might never be the same again.

  • Mission 11: The Key Ingredient – 250 XP, 4800 Credits

A Rothicite shipment has gone missing from Ryujin Industries. Since it’s a key ingredient in Ryujin’s products, you’ll have to find its location and retrieve it unharmed.

  • Mission 12: Sabotage – 350 XP, 8400 Credits

Sabotage is the final key mission in Starfield’s Ryujin Industries questline. You are tasked with infiltrating Infinity LTD in order to sabotage their experiments and ultimately bring them down.

  • Mission 13: Executive Level – 350 XP, 13,500 Credits

Executive Level is the final mission in the Ryujin Industries questline. A Ryujin board meeting is about to take place, and powerful figures want you to take their side. An insane climax awaits.

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After flying around in space for hundreds of hours, sneaking around offices does sound a little boring. That said, Starfield’s Ryujin Industries questline is brimming with innovative dialog and the occasional breathtaking views like the vibrant streets of Neon. Sure, it doesn’t offer enough rewards for you to afford the best ship weapons and parts in the game, but if you’re a stealth fanatic who loves getting into misadventures, this is the questline for you.