What’s The Best Trait in Starfield? – Starfield Best Traits

Starfield gives you plenty to think about when designing your character. Picking the best Trait and Background appear to be the most important things at the start of the game as depending on what you choose, you may or may not have a very fun first few hours. Starfield wouldn’t be a Bethesda game otherwise.

If you want to nail down a great Background quickly, refer to the guide linked above, but if finding out the best trait in Starfield is why you’re here, then march on forward explorer.

Best Traits To Choose In Starfield

The best Traits in Starfield are Terra Firma, followed by Alien DNA, and then Hero Worshipped. Keep in mind that these aren’t the be-all and end-all, if you’d like to choose something else, then do that since in a video game there is no wrong choice. On the other hand, if you’d like a second opinion, then I’d recommend picking one if not all of these Traits when creating your character. You can get an in-depth review of their awesomeness below.

Terra Firma

starfield terra firma trait

Trait effect(s): You have increased health and oxygen on the surface but less in space.

Probably the number one mistake players will make is assuming that in Starfield they’ll spend a lot of time in space given the setting, though reality couldn’t be any further. Yes, you’ll be in space flying your ship and occasionally fighting and boarding hostile ships, but the majority of your time will be well spent on different planets, and that’s why Terra Firma is hands down the best Trait in Starfield. 

Now being docked on a planet isn’t a bad thing by any account. Each of them is unique and you’ll have endless hours of fun traversing them, and since on the surface is where most major plot threads will unravel, picking Terra Firma as your starting Trait will give you a giant edge in battle. Believe me, oxygen runs out faster for your character than it does for you in real life.

Alien DNA

starfield alien dna trait

Trait effect(s): You have increased health and oxygen but healing items don’t heal as much.

The Alien DNA Trait is essentially the same as Terra Firma, the only downside here is that healing items are less effective. The health increase isn’t that substantial, however, the oxygen buff is. 

More oxygen allows you to run longer, and execute more melee actions and jumps as well, so if you’re going to play up close and personal, this is the Trait to get. Alien DNA is undoubtedly one of the best Traits in Starfield and paired with Terra Firma, you’ll become an unstoppable force in the galaxies.

Hero Worshipped

starfield hero worshipped trait

Trait effect(s): The Adoring Fan joins your crew and gives you gifts, though he talks too much.

The Adoring Fan from Oblivion makes his return in Starfield. He’ll periodically appear out of nowhere with gifts and shower you with praise, hold your luggage, and even loot and sneak around with you on missions. It’s an experience full of kicks and giggles, but the Adoring Fan has a habit of babbling on too much in which case you can simply shoot him in the head and hide the dead body, kidding don’t hide the dead body. Not everything is about becoming overpowered, and I’d say the Hero Worshipped is among the best Traits to have in Starfield — at least for a while.

How To Remove Traits In Starfield

It’s inevitable part way through Starfield — part way being 50 hours — you’ll get bored with your current Traits and will want to switch things up. Luckily, Starfield is pretty lenient in that regard, provided you’re up for a few challenges.

Every Trait in Starfield is removable, however, each of them requires that you perform a specific activity. That can range from interacting with NPCs and paying off the bounty on your head to killing your Adoring Fan if he pesters you too long. Finding the right actions can be a little tricky, and if you aren’t in the mood for side-questing, the doctor at the Reliant Medical Center in New Atlantis will be happy to help cure those bad Traits.