How to Change Appearance in Starfield

how to change your appearance in starfield

Starfield is all about forging your own path throughout space, creating a unique journey that no other can have.

With the trademark Bethesda character creation system, you can step into the spacesuit of a famous explorer, or simply replicate your own self in the game.

You can obviously spend hours in character creation, but what if you end up not liking your look half way through the game?

Thankfully you can change appearance in Starfield, and with this guide, we’ll be running you through exactly how to do it.

How to Change Appearance in Starfield

If you made a mistake in the initial character creation screen, thankfully, you can in fact change your Starfield appearance.

You won’t have to play a bunch of the game either because to do this, you’ll have to be in New Atlantis, the first ‘built up’ planet you visit.

Once you’re in New Atlantis you’ll have to head to the Commercial District. This can be done by using the New Atlantis Travel System (NAT) which is completely free and is almost like a fast travel between different points on the planet.

nat commercial district starfield

After making your way here, you’ll be looking for a place called Enhance! 

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From leaving the train, look toward the building called Valberg where you should also see a Terrabrew Coffee shop below it. Run toward the right hand side of this building and enter the last entrance before the overpass.

Once entering, you’ll be inside the Enhance! shop where you should be able to change your appearance instantaneously.

Simply speak to the NPC at the desk where you’ll be presented with a dialogue option allowing you to change your appearance for 500 credits.

starfield change appearance enhance

Here, you’ll be able to both change your look as well as your name, but not the Traits you gave your character.

You can revisit the Enhance! shop as many times as you like and change your appearance in Starfield to your heart’s content, always nice if you plan on taking part in NG+.

enhance change appearance starfield

And that’s all there is to it. With a simple 500 credit payment you can rework your look, completely changing your appearance in Starfield.

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While unfortunate, it does make sense that you can’t alter your Traits or Background, since you’d likely break the game if you’ve already made any defining choices.

Now go play around with your Starfield character until you land on the precise aesthetic you’re after.

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