How To Repair Your Ship in Starfield

how to repair ship in starfield

In Starfield, much of your adventures will take place in the open expanse of outer space. It’s there that you’ll take part in daring dogfights, ambitious ambushes, and boisterous battles – but it’s also where your ship will take a pounding. With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy, one-shot guide that’ll teach you how to repair your ship in Starfield in seconds.

Repair Your Starfield Ship on The Ground

If you want to repair your ship after a massive battle, then be sure to pull into a hub – such as New Atlantis, which’ll most likely be your first proper spaceport – and find the technician. Typically, there will always be a technician standing right alongside your ship on the landing pad, morning, noon, or night.

Approach that technician and simply part ways with 1000 credits to have your ship fully repaired. It’s also here that you’ll buy new ships, apply upgrades, and bolt new modules onto your existing ship.

Repair Your Ship in Starfield in Battle

What’s that? You’re in the middle of a fight and you can’t figure out how to repair your ship? That’s a tough one.

Fortunately, there is a way to do it – but if you’ve missed the tutorial, you’ll be left in the dark, as it isn’t immediately obvious how to repair your ship in Starfield while you’re flying it.

If you’ve got some handy ‘Ship Parts’ in your inventory – which you can find on defeated vessels, scattered around the world, or at various vendors – then you’ll need to make sure you’ve offloaded them into your ship’s cargo hold. From there, whenever you’re flying around, simply click R3 or press ‘O’ if you’re playing on a PC.

Then, you’ll have applied one of your Ship Parts to your damaged ship – at the base level, this will repair 4% of your ship over 10 seconds. It’s important to make sure that you’re only using Ship Parts to fix your ship when you’re in a fight and you’re on the losing end – otherwise, it’s a waste of resources.

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