3 Best Ship Weapons & Parts In Starfield

Building and docking a ship in Starfield are perhaps the most difficult things to do because of the messy user interface. It’s convoluted, weird, and strenuous to understand. Though if you still somehow manage to wrap your head around it, you’re faced with an even greater hurdle, picking the best ship weapons and parts in Starfield.

With the right weapons and infrastructure, your little Starfield space cruiser can become a warship that rivals the likes of the dreadnoughts from Star Wars. Since the total number of ship weapons and parts in Starfield adds up to over a hundred, you’ll no doubt have a hard time choosing. To help you avoid that, this guide narrows the options down to only a handful.

Best Ship Weapons In Starfield

Starfield’s offensive spaceship countermeasures range from installing auto-turrets to missile launchers that can take down enemy shields in no time. That said, here are the best ship weapons you should consider buying first.

Atlatl 270C Missile Launcher

starfield best ship weapon Atlatl 270C Launcher

The Atlatl 270C Launcher is a tiny giant. It has a rather slow firing rate, but one good hit is all it takes to turn enemy spaceships into smoke. It comes packed with 149 hull damage and 149 shield damage, making it perhaps the best heavy hitter in Starfield.

KE-42 Cannon

The KE-42 Cannon is a ballistic weapon with a decent firing speed. It doesn’t do much to enemy shields, however, when it comes to destroying hulls, it tears them down in seconds.

Vanguard Starseeker Pulse Laser

starfield ship weapon Vanguard Starseeker Pulse Laser

One of the best ship weapons you can get very early in Starfield is the Vanguard Pulse Laser. It delivers 21 hull damage and 8 shield damage, though what’s epic about it is its rapid firing speed. It’s a must-have weapon if you’re just starting out, and it’s a pretty easy unlock. Just join the UC Vanguard as stated in this Crimson Fleet questline guide, and you’ll have it available at the New Atlantis technician.

Best Ship Parts In Starfield

Ship weapons alone will only take you so far. Consider buying some of the best ship parts in Starfield listed below to make your interstellar travels a lot easier.

Poseidon DT230 Engine

The Poseidon Engine is a very late-game item with the highest thrust of any engine. It’s the best ship part in Starfield if you need a fast ride with excellent maneuvering. The only downside is a level 57 requirement to equip it, so it’ll be a while before you get to experience the thrill. Having said that, once you do reach the level threshold, the ship vendor in the Deimos Staryard located around Mars in the Sol system is where you should head.

Vanguard Bulwark Shield Generator

Starfield ship part Vanguard Bulwark Shield Generator

Your first ship in Starfield will be the Frontier. Though it’s a cool machine, the shield generator on it is unfortunately not the best. If you manage to scrounge together about 40,000 space credits, getting the Vanguard Bulwark Shield Generator would be a great investment. Its 1450 points of shield health and 6% regeneration rate are the best in class, so I couldn’t recommend it more.

SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor

The SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor has 40 reactor power which is the absolute maximum a reactor in Starfield can give you. With one of these installed, you’ll be able to max out all your ship systems. The Flow Reactor is another best ship part in Starfield, though it’s also an end-game item. If you’re feeling confident, you can travel to an extremely overpowered Star system and try your luck at an enemy ship. If you manage to neutralize and steal one, it might have a Flow Reactor, otherwise, prepare for the long haul.

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