7 Easter Eggs In Starfield You Should Find First (Starfield Easter Eggs)

Considering how gigantic the scale of Starfield is, you might not be surprised to learn it has hundreds of neat little Easter eggs. The references range from Bethesda hinting at its previous titles like Skyrim to subtly mentioning the most popular memes of the decade.

Since the Starfield Easter eggs are nearly uncountable, it’ll take ages to list them all down. Instead, this article features the best of them which you should be checking out as soon as you’re past the prologue.

Earth In The Year 2330

starfield easter egg Earth starfield easter egg Earth

Right off the bat players knew Earth would be in Starfield, though it being completely desolate wasn’t what many of us were expecting. Earth is definitely one of Starfield’s greatest Easter eggs, even if the planet is totally uninhabited. You can find many real-world monuments while roaming around the expansiveness. The Pyramids of Giza, the Empire State Building, and The Shanghai Tower are to name a few.

There isn’t much to do on Earth given the situation, nonetheless, it’s fun to explore because of our familiarity with the place. Besides, with thousands of other planets, there isn’t much you’ll miss – except for how to dock a ship, that was simpler back home.

Death Stranding Easter Egg

Another amusing Easter egg in Starfield is a reference to Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. When visiting the city of New Atlantis in Jemison, interacting with a specific NPC near the UC Distribution Center will prompt them to tell you about their life at work and why they love delivering packages. At the end of the dialog, they’ll say Death Stranding’s catchphrase “Keep on keeping on” which to some players might bring back good memories – or tiresome ones.

The Adoring Fan From Oblivion

adoring fan starfield easter eggadoring fan starfield easter egg

The Adoring Fan from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is a literal living, breathing, and walking Easter egg in Starfield. By choosing one of the best Traits in Starfield during character creation, Hero Worshipped, you’ll get an option to recruit The Adoring Fan in your crew. Similar to his role in Oblivion, he’ll unconditionally praise you and lend a helping hand, but if he gets annoying, you can shoot him in the face.

Lord of the Rings Potato Easter Egg

When you open up the item description for a potato in Starfield, it’ll read “Can be prepared in many ways. Boiled, mashed, used in a stew – the recipes are nearly endless”. While it may appear normal at first glance, any Lord of The Rings fan will be able to tell you that this Easter egg in Starfield is a nod to Samwise Gamgee’s dialog in The Two Towers. The time when he explains to Gollum how potatoes can be prepared by saying “Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew”.

Arrow In The Knee

arrow in the knee easter egg starfieldarrow in the knee easter egg starfield

In Starfield, if you head over to the Combat skill tree, you’ll see at the bottom there’s a skill named Crippling. The skill will be depicted with the image of an arrow striking the knee, which is in fact an Easter egg referencing the famous Arrow In The Knee meme which originated from Skyrim. And like Skyrim’s guards, while roaming around the open world, you’ll also encounter NPCs who’ll say “I used to be an explorer too, but then I- No, never mind. It’s a long story.”

Skyrim’s Delvin Mallory

Apart from the arrow in the knee, Starfield has another Easter egg paying homage to Skyrim’s iconic characters. Delvin Mallory was a high-ranking Thieves Guild member in Skyrim, and though Starfield is a totally different universe, it does mention a Delvin Mallory. During one of the missions in the Crimson Fleet questline, you’ll infiltrate a facility harboring prisoners. If you check the logs of the building, there will be an interesting prisoner incarcerated. His name – you guessed it – is Delvin Mallory. While this may not be the same Delvin Mallory from more than a millennium ago, it seems that anyone with the same name is up to no good no matter the timeline.

Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Starfield Easter egg apollo 11 moon landingStarfield Easter egg apollo 11 moon landing

One of the biggest Easter eggs in Starfield is the Apollo 11 moon landing. At the Constellation’s lodge in New Atlantis, read a book titled “Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal”. After doing so, your Star Map will show you the location of Earth’s moon, Luna, in the Sol system and also precisely where the Apollo 11 Module landed. You can fast travel to the land site, and voila, you’ll find the Module stationary along with a flag of the United States of America planted nearby. Like Earth, Luna is a place for little sightseeing, however, seeing the representation of a historic moment in person just hits different.