Is Starfield Like Skyrim or Fallout?

is starfield like skyrim

Starfield is releasing globally on September 6th, bringing one of the most ambitious space games ever concocted to an army of eagerly awaiting fans. It has been in development for years, and it’s easily Bethesda Game Studios’ most monumental game ever. With that being said, there’s a comparison piece at play, and people are asking one question – is Starfield like Skyrim or Fallout? They’re all Bethesda Game Studios franchises, after all.

What is Starfield?

If you’ve been under a rock for a couple of years, Starfield is easily one of the most highly anticipated games in history. It’s a comprehensive, immersive space RPG, build around a foundation that’s made up of 1000 fully explorable planets, endless opportunities for customisation, and a rich, detailed story.

It’s being released by Bethesda Game Studios on September 6th, and it’s expected to be one of the greatest games of all time… If Bethesda can deliver, that is. It offers players the ability to explore one of the biggest universes in gaming, giving them the option of becoming whoever they want to be.

It’s true freedom in a game, giving players the tools that they need to become something great – base-building mechanics, ship crafting functions, companions, character customisation, and multi-ended approaches to missions.

But is Starfield like Skyrim and Fallout when it comes to the overall scope of the project?

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Is Starfield Like Skyrim or Fallout?

is starfield like skyrim or fallout

It’s hard to compare the three games – you’ve got a ‘medieval’ fantasy RPG, a post-apocalyptic RPG, and a sci-fi RPG. They’re all very different in what they do, and yet, they’re not so different from one another at all.

They all offer a base character that can be customised to suit the player’s style. They’re all bursting at the seams with content, and they all offer a vast, open world that’s ripe for exploration. They’re similar in how they use dialogue, how they build and portray factions, and even in some gadgets and mechanics that essentially cross franchises.

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For instance, in Fallout, players use the iconic ‘Pip Boy’ wrist device – in Starfield, players are equipped with an omniscient watch that helps them navigate planets and the universe around them. Like Fallout and Skyrim, there are factions that can be joined, defeated, and led – which is a similar theme through many of Bethesda Game Studios’ titles.

Starfield is a next-level open-world RPG. It’s freedom as we’ve never really seen before, and it takes what Skyrim and Fallout have done so well and multiplies those successes.

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We just have to hope that Bethesda Game Studios hasn’t messed up when the game is released on September 6th.

Starfield is releasing on Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6th