Starfield Download Size and Preload Date Revealed by Amazon

starfield download size

Starfield’s download size – and its preload date – have been leaked online by retailers such as Amazon. There are just weeks left until the long-awaited, highly anticipated game releases worldwide, and we’re expecting leaks and tidbits of information to start flowing thick and fast as that window shortens.

It was revealed that Starfield’s download size tops out at a hefty 125 GB on both Xbox and PC – and it’ll be available to preload from the 9th of August. It’s arguably one of the most eagerly anticipated games in recent years, and many are praying that Bethesda delivers on the promises that have been made over the course of the last few years.

Starfield is Coming and It’s BIG

Starfield’s download size being 125 GB comes as no real surprise, considering it’s a gargantuan game with 1000 fully explorable planets and more side content than you’ll ever realistically be able to complete. It also makes perfect sense that there’s such a hefty preload window for Starfield, given that millions of gamers will be logging in to enjoy the game on the day it releases – which is September 6th – worldwide.

Recently, Baldur’s Gate 3 was released without a preload option being made available, and the popularity of the game almost took Steam’s servers offline.

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Right now, you can switch on your Xbox Series X|S console or your PC and preorder Starfield ready for the preload date of August 9th. If you have Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass, you’ll also be able to pre-install it.

Here’s a tip – if you want to play it five days early and get a bunch of bonus content, invest in the $35/£35 digital upgrade bundle. If you have a Game Pass subscription of some kind, you’ll be able to use that small purchase to upgrade to the Premium Edition and play Starfield from September 1st.

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