Call of Duty’s ‘Faction Showdown Event’ Is Live, But What Is It?

faction showdown

From August 4th to August 16th, players across both Modern Warfare II and Warzone can take part in the Faction Showdown event. This is a limited-time feature that sees players pick a faction and fight for it – it’s that simple. It’s a community-wide event, so the outcome of the entire thing is hinged on the engagement of the players themselves.

There are prizes for everyone involved, but ultimately, the faction that secures the highest number of kills will receive an exclusive bonus reward. Bizarrely, players are free to switch between the factions as many times as they like, meaning that yes, you can unlock all the rewards for both sides, but at the same time, the ‘winning team’ bit becomes a little moot, as if you’re smart, you’ll switch to the winning side just before the event ends!

Faction Showdown is Live Now

Here are the rewards that you can pick up, and a guide that tells you how to actually unlock them while Faction Showdown is live (until August 16th):

Task Force 141

  • 50 Operator Kills – Emblem
  • 10 Longshot Kills with Battle Rifles – Loading Screen
  • 40 ADS Kills with Assault Rifles – Vehicle Skin
  • 3 Kills with Melee Weapons – Charm
  • Executive 1 Finishing Move – Battle Pass Tier Skip

Shadow Company

  • 50 Operator Kills – Loading Screen
  • 15 Longshot Kills with Snipers (While Focused) – Large Decal
  • 15 Operator Kills from Behind with SMGs – Vehicle Skin
  • 10 Operator Kills with Launchers – Charm
  • 5 Operator Kills with Lethal Equipment – Battle Pass Tier Skip

And there’s a bonus reward for both factions once all challenges are finished. For TF141, players will get an SMG Blueprint Mastery unlock, and for Shadow Company, there’s an exclusive Sniper Blueprint Mastery Reward waiting to be scooped up.

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Which side are you fighting for in either Modern Warfare II or Warzone?

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