What Are Tactical Pets in Call of Duty And How Do They Work?

tactical pets

Man’s best friend is making a reappearance in Modern Warfare II and Warzone in the form of ‘Tactical Pets’ – starting off with Merlin, the adorable-yet-terrifying German Shepherd. This Tactical Pet can be secured by picking up Season 5’s all-new BlackCell Battle Pass, but what exactly is a Tactical Pet and what does it do?

What is a Tactical Pet?

Enter Arthur, the awesome new Operator included in the BlackCell Battle Pass for Season 5 of Call of Duty (released August 2nd) who has a fluffy and cuddly companion like no other. It’s a Tactical Pet that is quite literally clipped to his hip in a harness – and his name is Merlin.

Arthur, Merlin – do you see what they’re doing there?

Hilariously, players can storm around the map with Merlin attached to them like some kind of handbag (or a satchel), but fear not – Merlin is invincible. He cannot feel pain, he cannot take damage, and he won’t even emit a heartbreaking yelp under the immense stress of incoming fire.

Good boy, Merlin.

It’s assumed that Merlin is the first of many Tactical Pets making an appearance in Call of Duty, but what could be next? Some kind of a big cat, like a tiger? What about a snapping turtle or a snake or something?

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But What Does a Tactical Pet Do in Call of Duty?

Not much, as it turns out.

Merlin has one purpose in life, and that’s to chew voraciously at the throats of your enemies. With a shrill whistle from Arthur, Merlin magically releases himself from his bindings and leaps heartily at whoever you’re executing, taking great pleasure in freeing them from their mortal coil – until they respawn, of course.

You can see this action take place in the new trailer for Season 5’s BlackCell Battle Pass Upgrade:

What animal would you like to see take centre stage as the next Tactical Pet in Call of Duty?

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