Vampire Survivors Has a Secret ‘Directer’s Cut’ That You Might Never Play

vampire survivors

Vampire Survivors is a fantastic rags-to-riches tale – it emerged toward the end of 2021 as an all-new and relatively basic roguelike shoot ’em-up, but there was beauty in that simplicity. It went on win the award for Best Game at the 2023 BAFTA Games Awards, and since then, its popularity has absolutely skyrocketed.

Recently, it was revealed on Twitter that a top-secret and confidential ‘Directer’s Cut’ of Vampire Survivors exists, but there’s a chance it could never see the light of day.

It *Was* A Secret

On Twitter, user LauarakBuzz shared a series of images and a short clip showcasing this ‘Directer’s Cut’ of Vampire Survivors that she’d had the opportunity of playing while at an exclusive event that was designed to give fans an insight into the game’s upcoming cooperative mode.

She went on to explain that it was ‘drastically different from the base game’ and that she believes she’s the only person outside the dev team at Poncle who has actually managed to play it.

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In a thread on Twitter (lol, X), Laura Kate Dale showed images of the character select screen that revealed a series of never-before-seen characters – which included the likes of Santa, a fish-throwing werewolf, and a winged angel named Joe. There was also an image revealing new maps – Spazie?, The Coop, and Whiteout, among others.

In The Coop, there are apparently 300 chickens running wild, so there’s that.

Despite this content being clearly marked confidential, LaurakBuzz uploaded a lengthy video to YouTube showing her playing the Directer’s Cut:

Finally, it was explained that while playing the game, Laura was told that the content ‘may or may not be released’, so as exciting as all this sounds, you may never get the chance to play the Directer’s Cut of Vampire Survivors.

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