MWIII Weapons List Leaked by Dataminers

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It’s about that time – we draw closer to the reveal of Modern Warfare III with each passing day, and naturally, that means that leaks are going to spread like wildfire. In the most recent piece to emerge from within the world of Call of Duty, the launch weapon roster for Modern Warfare III has been allegedly datamined, revealing all MWIII weapons coming when the game drops.

For some, it’s the ever-expected, standard affair – but for others, there are some bizarre, rarely-seen weapons added into the mix. In the datamined content, the MWIII weapons are listed by their real-world names – but we almost know that when the game releases, they’ll have adopted the ‘in-universe’ names like ‘Lachmann’ and ‘TAQ’.

MWIII Weapons List – As Per The Dataminers

So, here are the weapons that are reportedly coming to Modern Warfare III when the game drops – which according to our earlier reports, should be in November.

Assault Rifles

  • jup_ar_acharlie = Bushmaster ACR in 5.56
  • jup_ar_acharlie300 = Bushmaster ACR in .300 Blackout
  • jup_ar_golf36 = Heckler & Koch G36
  • jup_ar_bromeo2m = CZ BREN 2 Ms in 7.62×39
  • jup_ar_bromeo805 = CZ 805 BREN in 5.56
  • jup_ar_foxtrot2000 = FN F2000
  • jup_ar_qbravo95 = QBZ-95 in 5.8×42
  • jup_ar_qbravo97 = QBZ 97 NSR Gen 3 in 5.56

Battle Rifles

  • jup_br_acharlie450 = Bushmaster ACR in .450 Bushmaster
  • jup_br_bromeo2 = CZ BREN 2 BR in 7.62×51
  • jup_br_xmike5 = MCX Spear (XM7)

Marksman Rifles

  • jup_dm_acharlied = ACR DMR in 5.56
  • jup_dm_bromeop = CZ BREN 2 PPS
  • jup_dm_slima8 = Heckler & Koch SL8
  • jup_dm_svictork = Kalashnikov SVK

Machine Guns

  • jup_lm_evictor = FN EVOLYS
  • jup_lm_mgolf36 = Heckler & Koch MG36
  • jup_lm_pkilob = Bullpup PKP Pecheneg
  • jup_lm_pkilop = PKP Pecheneg
  • jup_lm_qbravo95lsw = QJB-95 LSW


  • jup_pi_glima21 = Glock 21
  • jup_pi_mike93 = Beretta 93R
  • jup_pi_rsierra12 = RSh-12
  • jup_pi_uzulum = Micro Uzi


  • jup_sh_pump = Unknown
  • jup_sh_semi = Unknown

Sub-Machine Guns

  • jup_sm_coscar635 = Colt Model 635
  • jup_sm_lwhiskey = LWRC SMG-45
  • jup_sm_scharlie3 = CZ SCORPION EVO 3
  • jup_sm_umike = Heckler & Koch UMP
  • jup_sm_uzulu = Uzi
  • jup_sm_uzulup = Uzi Pro

Sniper Rifles

  • jup_sn_hsierra = Steyr HS .50 M1
  • jup_sn_svictor = SVCh


  • jup_eq_butterfly_mine = PFM-1 mine

(Thanks to Much_Draft_2778 on Reddit)

It’s quite the line-up, and as we said, it’s a fair mix. There are some weapons in there that have never seen the light of day in the Call of Duty franchise. There are also more than a few Russian-origin weapons, offering a further nod to the Makarov connection in Modern Warfare III.

It’s not a complete list and it’s fully expected that more weapons will surface as we get closer to the impending launch of this year’s Call of Duty title.

Are there any weapons on the list that have you excited?

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