Modern Warfare III Keyart Leaked Online

modern warfare III

Minutes ago, two new pieces of promotional art for Modern Warfare III leaked online, thanks to user Earthbound_Fan on Twitter. These images – one of which more or less backs up the Monster Energy promotional leaks from last week – confirm little about the game, but they look fairly intense.

More Leaked Imagery For Modern Warfare III

In one shot, we see Captain Price, as iconic as ever, standing in front of a red background, stalked by someone who we can only assume is Makarov. It’s the same image that was shown on leaked Monster Energy promotional materials just days ago, but this image is free of any branding.

It shows Price in his standard military garb, clutching a rifle that gun nuts will happily identify for us. He also appears to be crumbling and potentially framed by splashes of blood – it’s a very dark image indeed.

In the other shot, we see an emblem of a skull in a circle with a red, metallic snake curling through its mouth and eyes. It’s framed by bullets and there appears to be a motto etched around it that reads ‘CUTTING HEADS OFF SNAKES’.

That too is crumbling, smoking, and bears foreboding red hues – as well as the logo that has been circulating around online for some time now.

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Do these all-new leaks make you all the more excited for Modern Warfare III?

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