Call of Duty Anti-Cheat Bans 14,000 Cheaters in One Day

call of duty anti-cheat

It was recently revealed through Activision’s official social media channels that Call of Duty’s anti-cheat software, Richochet, has successfully banned more than 14,000 cheaters in the space of a single day. This news comes following all-new implementations designed to directly target and hinder cheaters in games like Warzone and Modern Warfare II.

In the announcement post on Twitter, it was revealed that new detections are ‘directly targeting cheat developers at the source.’ In recent weeks, Activision has been on a deadly spree, launching attacks at cheat developers and issuing legal notices against them, successfully closing down a few of the most troublesome platforms.

Bring the Banhammer Down

It’s getting better, but it’s still not perfect – and that’s across the board. Recently, it was claimed that countless lobbies on Modern Warfare 2 (2009) on PC had been infected with a malicious virus that was spreading through users’ computers simply by way of them joining those lobbies. By way of a response to that issue, Activision pulled the servers offline.

But if we fast-forward to the current-day titles, we can see that efforts are being taken to avoid such drastic action. For instance, in the last few weeks, Activision’s Ricochet developers have been tweaking the software, adding in certain features that make life miserable for those that are found to be cheating.

Not only that but almost 15,000 cheaters were banned in a single day.

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It’s safe to say that it’s effective, but there are still plenty of examples of cheaters ruining everyone’s fun in Modern Warfare II (particularly in Ranked), and Warzone. It seems that nothing is safe anymore and that no matter what competitive multiplayer game you play, you’re almost bound to run into cheaters.

For example, I was playing Battlefield V last night – a five-year-old shooter at the very end of its life – and there were cheaters dominating the lobbies and being called out by every other player involved. It doesn’t matter how old or irrelevant a game might seem, there are still going to be those using cheats to win their matches.’

What do you think? Have you noticed the number of cheaters in your matches dropping over time, or is the problem still just as bad?

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  1. fake not true. the antey cheat not work. i take the new options in dmz pacifite game. the bot do kill you but the other gamer turn off you do kill the other gamer. dmz main line the quest not other gamer kill.

  2. Simple drop cross play between pc and consoles, 9/10 it’s pc plays who use hacks. Not to mention being able to have the ability to use software that gives them an edge in the game i.e audio software that can change the sounds they here. Console systems were brought about to have fun in your home in a relaxed environment.

  3. i think is never gonna change since a squad of 6 be hunting for the most vulnerable squads or squads that are busy doing contracts and missions

  4. How about they do something about the cheaters and mods in world at war, black ops and black ops 2. You can’t even play a decent multiplayer game with cheats ruining every lobby

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