Activision’s RICOCHET Will Screw With Cheaters

ricochet anti cheat

In a recent blog post published on, it was revealed that Activision’s RICOCHET anti-cheat has been upgraded with all-new features that are set to completely screw with cheaters. Not only that, it was stressed that the anti-cheat software now has the ability to detect third-party hardware, including the notorious Cronus devices that almost completely remove weapon recoil from the game.

It’s a monumental step forward for Activision and associated studios, as Warzone’s ecosystem has been plagued by cheaters of all kinds more or less since the first game debuted in 2020. For the longest time, players have ‘got away’ with using Cronus-style devices in the game, and even some of the best Warzone players in the world have been accused of using them.

It’s safe to say that all of that could be about to change.

RICOCHET Will Mess With Your Game if You Cheat

Put simply, if you’re detected using a Cronus-like device or running any other kinds of cheats or hacks in Warzone 2.0 (or Modern Warfare II), then RICOCHET will screw with your game and offer up a miserable experience.

And you deserve every second of it, let’s be fair.

There are three brand-new mechanics being implemented by the RICOCHET team to protect legitimate players from cheaters. Firstly, there’s Cloaking, which literally turns honest players invisible against hackers and cheaters.

Then, there’s Disarm, which forces a cheater to drop their weapon – and keeps them vulnerable to any incoming damage. So, they can be killed, but they cannot fight back. It’s poetic justice. This feature is showcased in the below snippet, taken from the blog post published by Activision:

Finally, there’s Damage Shield, which prevents a legitimate player from taking any damage levelled against them by someone that RICOCHET has detected as a cheater. They can waste their ammo all they want – they won’t be able to damage honest players.

Not only that but there are several anti-toxicity measures being implemented with the RICOCHET update, which will drop along with the Season Three update.

For instance, players that are griefing other users, making use of exploits, or boosting their accounts will be detected and handed warnings. In the worst-case scenarios, they’ll be suspended from the platform or their accounts will be reset.

So, kids – don’t cheat… RICOCHET is coming for you.

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