MWII’s Season Three Map Features a 2009 Throwback

season three map mwii

It’s expected that Season Three will debut in around a week in Modern Warfare II, and eagled-eyed playtesters have picked out an instantly-recognisable location from the brand-new map that’s coming in the season – Pelayo’s Lighthouse.

During a walkthrough of the map, FaZe Dirty, a popular YouTuber, discovered that a large building in the heart of the map was a carbon copy of the central cabin found in Modern Warfare 2’s (2009) Estate map. This was one of the most memorable maps from the legendary shooter, offering a break from traditional, three-lane combat and throwing players into a map that boasted challenging angles and sightlines.

Is it coming back?

Is Estate The Season Three Map?

From FaZe Dirty’s playtest

It doesn’t actually look like Estate is making a full, honest return in Modern Warfare II’s Season Three update. It looks as though a portion of the map – the central building – has been rebuilt as a throwback, as most of the surrounding area on the map – Pelayo’s Lighthouse – isn’t the same as it was way back in 2009.

However, while it’s not an identical map, it does boast similar features – like the central building at the top of the hill, for example. It’s a unique map, though – it’s shrouded in semi-darkness and being pelted with rain.

While we’ve seen some older environments make a return – such as Terminal’s layout reappearing in Al-Mazrah’s airport or Dome being brought back in full – there are still some maps that players are waiting for. It’s not like Estate was ever billed to make a return, but the age-old Call of Duty fans that cut their teeth on Modern Warfare 2 back in 2009 are eager for any maps to resurface.

There’s a stack of content expected to drop with the Season Three update, including the return of the Intervention, one of the most iconic and legendary sniper rifles of all time (in Call of Duty, at least). It’s called the FJX Imperium, and it’s instantly recognisable.

FaZe Dirty was testing out the new Imperium in a YouTube breakdown (and the Estate ‘remake’ is visible here too):

Recently, we revealed that Season Three Reloaded will drop on May 10th, 2023. This update will expand Season Three immeasurably and bring even more new content to the platform.

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