New Set Photos Leak From the Fallout TV Series

fallout tv series

In the latest wave of images to leak from within the Fallout TV series – which is currently in production – we get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what appears to be an abandoned Vault-Tec facility. There are rusted vehicles dotted around the sparse, barren environment, and standing in front of a camera is an actor – we don’t know what role they’re playing, but it looks like they could be a Raider.

War, War Never Changes

Fans of the legendary post-apocalyptic franchise have been on the edges of their seats eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Fallout TV series for quite some time now. It was announced in 2020 that Amazon had partnered with Kilter Films to produce the series, and since then, countless details have leaked out from within the project.

For instance, we now have a more or less complete cast list, there’s plenty of imagery circulating from inside sets and of costumes and props, and there are even some story elements that have crawled out from within the heart of the project.

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In the latest images, we see a Vault-Tec set, with the iconic white logo taking centre stage on the floor of an abandoned lot. It doesn’t give enough away, but it’s enough to excite fans.

It’s expected that the Fallout TV series will release exclusively on Prime Video in the first half of 2024, but this is unconfirmed at present.

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