VALORANT Mobile Enters Closed Beta in China


It was recently discovered that a beta test version of VALORANT Mobile has gone live in China and will be running until the middle of August. However, there’s a caveat – it’s a version that’s being developed exclusively for China, much like the Chinese version of VALORANT that was released in the country just two weeks ago.

Regardless of the version, players in China will now be granted limited access to one of the first playable versions of VALORANT Mobile. There’s a global version in development that’ll be released everywhere but China, but while development is ongoing, Riot Games is reportedly reluctant to release any versions until it’s almost perfect.

VALORANT In The Palm of Your Hand

VALORANT was first released in 2020 and it quickly became a fantastic alternative to the long-established and dominant CSGO. It proved itself to be a top-tier title in the esports world as well, with millions of fans pouring into the game’s competitive scene and hugely popular tournaments being hosted around the world within no time at all.

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It has been more than a year since the rumours started circulating regarding a VALORANT Mobile product, and now, gamers in China are getting the first glimpse at what that might look like – at least, the Tencent version of it.

Until now, Riot Games has been relatively quiet on the subject of VALORANT Mobile, a sentiment that was echoed by the COO of Esports at Riot Games, Whalen Rozelle, in an interview with the Esports Inquirer:

I think people are really hungry for an update on VAL Mobile. We have not given one and we’re very consciously not giving an update right now because I think as soon as we do, players are going to start wanting to know when it’s going to launch and all that.

Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular over time, given how accessible it is. There are mobile variants for almost every top-tier competitive game out there, and if there aren’t, then they’re likely in development. For instance:

  • Fortnite Mobile
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Rainbow Six Mobile (In development)
  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Call of Duty Warzone Mobile (In development)

How long will it be before VALORANT Mobile is added to that list? Note: we’re also waiting on that rumoured VALORANT edition that’s going to be released on consoles.

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