Starfield Tagged as ‘Play Anywhere’ With Cross-Save Support

starfield play anywhere

In recent hours, it was discovered that Starfield’s page on the Xbox store application has had an update and that it now boasts the ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ tag. That means that users will be able to take advantage of cross-platform saves in Starfield, and if they buy it on either Xbox or PC, they’ll own a copy of the game on the other platform.

It’s worth stressing that this only applies to digital purchases – physical copies of Starfield, which will most commonly be bought on the Xbox platform – will not make users eligible for a second copy on the PC platform. This means that multi-platform users will be able to resume their Starfield playthrough regardless of whether they’re using an Xbox, a PC, or the Cloud.

The Final Frontier

Let’s face it – Starfield is going to be such an enormous game that you’ll need to spend as much time playing it as possible. In an ideal world, I’d play it at home on the Xbox Series X, take it with me on a gaming laptop, and potentially use a Cloud service to stream it to my mobile devices. That’s the only way I can see myself finding enough time to explore all 1000 planets in the game.

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Strangely, despite the Xbox Play Anywhere tag being added to the Xbox store page for Starfield, the ‘Xbox Play Anywhere list’ on the tech titan’s website doesn’t include the game. It’s likely the change was made to the store page such a short time ago that other listings just haven’t caught up yet – but it’ll be interesting to see if that tag remains in place.

There was a reference made on Reddit two months ago claiming that Bethesda Support had confirmed that Starfield Play Anywhere will be a thing, but following the link present revealed a deleted tweet – did Bethesda swerve that confirmation to just have the function re-added to the game weeks later?

What platform are you going to play Starfield on?

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