Lenovo Is Working on a New PC Gaming Handheld, It’s Reported

lenovo legion go

Isn’t it just the way things are headed? In recent months (and years, actually), countless tech titans have revealed their handheld solutions, from the ASUS ROG Ally to PlayStation’s Project Q (with a terrible battery life, we might add) and from the Steam Deck to the Razer Edge.

Well, according to a recent exclusive report published by Windows Central, it seems that another name is entering the fray – Lenovo. In the write-up, it was revealed that Lenovo is looking to enter the handheld PC gaming market with the Lenovo ‘Legion Go’, an all-new device with an 8-inch screen and AMD Phoenix processors.

Another One?

This news was broken by Jez Corden at Windows Central, and it’s another great example of how the handheld gaming space is heating up at an almost immeasurable rate. It’s expected that we’ll see the reveal of Nintendo’s next handheld console in the coming weeks, and there’s a whole of smaller tech firms working hard to create all manner of handheld variations as we speak.

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In the words of Corden, the Legion Go could look similar to the Lenovo Legion Play device that was never actually released – but that’s conjecture. Elsewhere, he highlighted that this powerful device will boast a Windows 11 operating system and will feature ‘maximum PC gaming compatibility’ – just like the ASUS ROG Ally.

On the technical front, the Legion Go’s hardware – namely the AMD Phoenix processors that would reportedly be on board the device – will support low-power states while still providing cutting-edge gaming experiences.

There’s no indication as of yet when the Legion Go might be made available.

What do you think, are you interested in yet another handheld gaming device muddying the waters, or are you tired of the trend?

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