PlayStation’s Project Q Battery Life Might Shock You

After taking to YouTube in my first video in well over a year to talk about the recent PlayStation Showcase, I mentioned a few small details on Project Q and its battery life.

If you’re unaware, Insider Gaming exclusively reported in early April details on the new handheld, in which came all the details came to fruition. Well, one detail that was left out from that report was the handheld’s battery life.

Prepare yourselves, because Insider Gaming understands that the Project Q battery life will be around 3-4 hours. Yup, you read that right. At least Project Q is on brand with the DualSense having a short battery life, I guess.

If the retail version of Project Q does indeed have a 3-4 hour battery life, then the handheld might be a hard sell for Sony. Already people are skeptical of its success, with the handheld only being used with Remote Play.

Ultimately though, I think the success of Project Q will depend on its price. A $200 or less price tag could see the accessory sell in strong numbers, but PlayStation has been notorious for having high price tags on its products.

Whatever the case may be, we should hear more about Project Q soon. “We look forward to sharing more information in the near future”, said CEO Jim Ryan. The release is slated for “later this year”, said Jim Ryan, which Insider Gaming understands to be mid-late November 2023.

You can listen to my thoughts on the PlayStation Showcase here:

What do you think about Project Q’s battery life? Will you be buying the new handheld? Let us know in the comments below.

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